Undocumented Changes mit Valvet Shell Patch


Die öffentliche Updateliste findet ihr hier:


Es gibt allerdings noch ein paar unveröffentlichte Änderungen die ich euch gern hier mitteilen möchte :wink:

###Cosmetics (Charms, skins, etc)

  • new Velvet shell headgear recolors

-Easter Egg in Rook’s new elite skin

-New Universal charms to go with the new universal skins

-Rook full elite skin preview

-Deagle (Seals secondary) is now black

-Hibana and echo are now back to their original blue default uniform
-Twitch (appearance) - Toned down lipstick and slight retouch



-Bandit (appearance)- slightly remodeled face
-Valkyrie (appearance) - slightly remodeled face

-Montagne (appearance) - slightly remodeled face *Hibana (apprearance) - slightly remodeled face


-Changing bullet mode cycling takes longer
-Longer cooldown between melee and vaulting (likely to slow down one-hit-vaulting)


-Kafe - Attacker spawns slightly reworked to provide more cover


-Some users are reporting that Terrorist hunt has increased in difficulty


###Cosmetics (Charms, skins, etc)

-Diamond skins not appearing on some guns - its_epi response
-Various universal skins are not available for velvet shell operators

-Season 4 crane skin, Obsidian skin
-Epi’s response https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/5smtnn/bugglitch_obsidian_weapon_skin_missing/
-Certain Charms clip through Mira’s hand when she is using the vector

-Rook has stolen doc’s Redcrow headgear

-Some users are encountering a graphical glitch with the blitz shield charm

-Texture missing on the “aki no tsuru” for the SMG-11



-Mute (appreance) - Uniform is darker than all other SAS members

-Drones sometimes spawn in under maps (at least coastline)


-Invisible guns glitch

-Weekly missions failing to update
-Operators periodically are spawn with camera in the ground
-Mixed reports of Cross region play disabled (not actually sure if this is a glitch)
-Drones spawning in strange locations for attackers during prep


-Coastline is missing from Terrorist hunt preferences menu


-(PC) Mouse fails to be captured when looking at an operator loadout and scrolling

holding you pointer here and scrolling will not scroll

-Operator stats failing to show
-Preview plane missing for Rubber Ducks bundle

-Users unable to open “digital content” or “currency pack” menus (PC)



IQ can now see defender’s phones when they are viewing cams!

Ok das ist natürlich eine krasse Verbesserung. Ich denke mit Nades und der neuen Eigenschaft lohnt es sich immer mehr IQ zu spielen.

Mira - Gas tank can be hit from the opposing side with a melee in some cirumstances

Also das ging fix… Und zum Glück. Zwar gestern nur 1x passiert aber trotzdem nervig